Thanks for visiting my website, I write and sing Country/Americana music. On this site you can hear songs from my CD called "Family Man". I am a performing artist and aside from my own songs I play classic country music, mostly the old stuff from Hank Sr. to Johnny Cash and some newer, like Josh Turner and Billy Currington. I can perform solo or can bring a small or large band with me. I would love to play at your wedding reception, private party, or business. You can reach me by clicking on the contact button and emailing me or by calling at 210-674-2820. Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy the tunes, Alan


A Texas Treasure by Sonny Melendrez,,,,, "Alan Fisher is a Texas Treasure. His warm caring voice and thoughtful lyrics serve to let the listener know that everything is going to be allright. Bravo Alan!" -Sonny Melendrez,,,,,, Sonny is a well known DJ,actor, fundraiser, etc. etc. from San Antonio. He is also the founder of and much more.

Review by Melandra (Arkansas): I don't usually listen to "country" - but this is more than country. This is backbone of America type of music. Sorta country, sorta folk, sorta pop - and all American. I was singing to choruses of songs that I had never heard before, and as soon as the cd was over, I played it again, simply because it made me feel good to listen. I've listened on a regular basis ever since. My favorite is the title song "Family man". I also like "I Love Life", "Take it in", "Comanche Sky" - well, actually, I just plain and simple liked the whole album. Buy it. You'll like it.

Alan's new "Family Man" (Audio CD) is complete!. The CD and individual songs are available for download at cdbaby. The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Lala, Didiom, Tradebit, Napster, and Verizon. For the best deal on Alan's music visit

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